Self-Projections: Printmaking

In this lesson the students will explore self-portraiture and printmaking using traditional and hi-tech methods. Relief, intaglio, and mono-print techniques are explored through the concept of self; representational and abstract. The fabrication lab will be utilized  to create relief plates.

You are part of an artist collective; a group of artists working together towards shared aims. Your collective wants to bring communities of disparate people together to promote understanding. Your first leader was JR your first project was the Inside Out Project. Use this project as inspiration. To introduce yourselves to communities; create a group portrait—a collection of individual self-portraits. The one becomes the many. Play and practice using intaglio and relief printmaking processes and technology. Your “finished product” will be a group portrait and book.

How will you introduce yourself? How do you want to be perceived? How will others perceive you?  Consider:


View the following videos before class on Monday, October 5, 2015.

JR: (

iO Tillett:

Ted Lawson: (WARNING)

Saba Chaudhry:

Also, to prepare for the lesson, bring in a prop(s) or a costume to personify “self”–perceived or real.


Self-Portraits By Cristina Otero (10)
Self-Portraits By Cristina Otero